PJ-A3000 Series 302-Profile Projectors

Series 302
    • The PJ-A3000 Series vertical profile projectors are medium- size 11.8”      (300mm)
    models that feature high versatility and
    easy operation.
    • Easy-to-read digital XY counter is located
    near the projection screen to minimize eye movement.
    • Digital readout protractor screen facilitates angle measurement.

    Optional Accessories
    172-202: 10x projction lens set (Standard accessory)
    172-203: 20X projection lens set
    172-223: 10X projection lens
    172-224: 20X projection lens
    172-204: 50X projection lens
    172-207: 100X projection lens
    172-229: Oblique illumination mirror for 10X lens
    172-230: Oblique illumination mirror for 20X lens
    172-116: Standard scale (50mm)
    172-117: Standard scale (2")
    172-118: Reading scale (200mm)
    172-161: Reading scale (300mm)
    172-119: Reading scale (8")
    172-162: Reading scale (12")
    172-160-2: Green filter (for PJ-A3000, -50 models)
    172-160-3: Green filter (for -100, -150, -200 models)**
    512305: Halogen bulb (24V, 150W)
    383876: Vinyl cover (standard accessory)
    Fixture and Stage accessories
    176-106: Rotary table (Effective diameter: 66mm)
    172-196: Rotary table (Effective diameter: 100mm)
    172-198: Rotary table with fine feed wheel (Effective diameter: 100mm)
    176-105: Swivel center support (Max. workpiece dia.: 70mm)
    172-197: Swivel center support (Max. workpiece dia.: 80mm)
    176-107: Holder with clamp
    172-378: V-block with clamp (Max. workpiece dia.: 25mm)
    999678: Fixture mount adapter
    64PMI167: Stand 22.4 x 20 x 32" (wxdxh)

Order No302-701A302-702A302-703A302-704A
ModelPJ-A3010F-200PJ-A3005F 150PJ-A3010F-100PJ-A3005D-50
XY Stage EFF Area10.47x6.69in 266x170mm7.24x3.23in 184x82mm5.6x5.6in 142x142mm5.6x5.6in 142x142mm
Table Size Area14.96x9.84in 380x250mm11.02x5.98in 280x152mm9.84x9.84in 250x250mm9.84x9.84in 250x250mm
XY Range 8 x 4in 200 x 100mm5.90 x 2in 150 x 50mm4 x 4in 100 x 100mm3.94 x 3.94in 100 x 100mm
Max. Workpiece Ht.3.64in 92.5mm4.07in 103.5mm3.58in 91mm4.86in 123.5mm
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