Pocket Type Dial Test Indicators-Series 513

Series 513
  • Jeweled bearings assure higher sensitivity and accuracy.
  • Reversible measuring direction.
  • Two holding bars are supplied. (Full sets only.)
  • Fully adjustable bezel/dial face.
  • Contact point is adjustable within 220°.
  • Bezel is sealed with on O-ring to keep out water/oil.

Parts Break Down


Order NoModelImageGradRangeAccuracyDial ReadingMeasuring ForceLength
Set Confi:Inch--------
513-518BASIC SET513-518.jpg.001in.04in.001in0-20-0.03N or less26.5m
513-518TFULL SET513-518T.jpg.001in.04in.001in0-20-0.03N or less26.5m
513-528BASIC SET513-528.jpg.001in.04in.001in0-20-0.03N or less18.7m
513-528TFULL SET-.001in.04in.001in0-20-0.03N or less18.7m
513-512BASIC SET513-512.jpg.0005in.02in.0005in0-10-0.03N or less37.4m
513-512TFULL SET513-512T.jpg.0005in.02in.0005in0-10-0.03N or less37.4m
513-504BASIC SET513-504.jpg.0001in.01in.0002in0-5-0.03N or less18.7m
513-504TFULL SET513-504T.jpg.0001in.01in.0002in0-5-0.03N or less18.7m
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