QM-Data200 Series 264-2-D Processing Unit

Series 264
The QM-Data200 is a geometric readouts/analysis unit for optical instruments like a profile projectors. This features powerful 2-D coordinate measurement capabilities with unmatched simple key operation. The QM-Data200 improves operator productivity, minimizes errors and save a total measurement time and production cost.
  • Various graphic displays on the large colored LCD screen for easy measurement operations.
  • One-key operation for combined measurements that are often used (circle-circle distance, etc.)
  • The AI measurement function (automatic identification of measuring item) eliminates switching between the measurement command keys.
  • Equipped with the measurement procedure teaching function and the measuring position navigation in Repeat mode.
  • The user menu function allows user to register measurement commands or part programs to create his/her own menu.
  • Tolerance zone measurement of data processing result and various statistical processing for each item are available.
  • Measurement result output to ”MS- Excel” in spreadsheet (CSV) format.
  • The measurement procedure and measurement result can be saved, using the usb drive.
  • Two models are available: a stand-alone type with tilt system and a flexible arm type that can be mounted on a Profile Projector.

Technical Data
Resolution: 0.0001mm
Program functions: Part program creation, execution, editing
Statistical processing: Number of data, maximum value, minimum value, mean value, standard deviation, range,histogram
Element memory: Maximum of 1000 elements
Element recall: Point, line, circle, distance, ellipse, rectangular hole, slotted hole, intersection and intersecting angle
Element key-in: Point, line, circle
Display system: Monographic LCD (320 x 240 dots, with back light)
Measurement result file output: RS-232C output (CSV format, MUX-10F format)
Display language: Japanese/English/German/French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Swedish/Polish,DutchHungarian
Data input: USB/RS-232C, X/Y/Z-axis signal, Footswitch
Data output: RS-232C,USB
Power supply 100V AC to 240V AC
Mass 2.2kg (stand-mount type)2.1kg (arm-mount type)

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    Order Number264-155A264-156A264-159A
    MODELStand-Mount ModelArm-Mount TypeFor Hyper MF/MF-U
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