QV Apex Series 363-CNC Vision Measuring Systems

Series 363


Tracking Auto Focus (TAF)
The TAF feature focuses continuously, adjusting to changes in the height of the object being measured.
Automatic tracking of surface waves and war page (in the Z axis height direction) improves measurement
throughput. The feature also cuts out the hassle of focusing during manual measurement, reducing the
work burden for measuring system operators.
Note: Continuous measurement of displacement is not performed.




*The measuring accuracy defined under the following conditions:
Programmable Power Turret: 2x Position; Objective Lens: 2.5x (HR or SL); L=Dimension between two arbitrary points (mm)
**Accuracy 3.5+5.5L/1000 for 20 ± 2°C; Accuracy 3.5+6.0L/1000 from 18 to 23°C

Model No and TypeQV Apex 302 PROQV Apex 302 (ISO10360-7)QV Apex 302 (w/TAF)
Range X-axis0-11.81in 0-300mm0-11.81in 0-300mm0-11.81in 0-300mm
Range Y-axis0-7.87in 0-200mm0-7.87in 0-200mm0-7.87in 0-200mm
Range Z-axis7.87-8in 0-200mm0-7.87in 0-200mm0-7.87in 0-200mm
Resolution Z scale using Tracking Autofocus (TAF)--0.3µm
CameraHigh-sensitivity CCD camera B&WHigh-sensitivity CCD camera B&WHigh-sensitivity CCD camera B&W
E2xy-(2+4L/1000) µm
E1xy (1.5+3L/1000)µm
E1z (1.5+4L/1000)µm
E2xy (2+4L/1000) µm
E U,MPE (ISO10360-7:2011) - 3+5.5L/1000, 3+6.0L/1000**
PF2D,MPE (ISO10360-7:2011) - 2.3µm
E2xy-(2+4L/1000) µm
Drive Speed 300mm/s300mm/s200mm/s
IlluminationSurface-White LED
Contour- White LED
Programmable Ring Light- White LED
Surface-White LED
Contour- White LED
Programmable Ring Light- White LED
Surface-White LED
Contour- White LED
Programmable Ring Light- White LED
Maganification change systemProgrammable power turret (1x2x6x)Programmable power turret (1x2x6x)Programmable power turret (1x2x6x)
Stage glass size15.7x10.7in 399x271mm15.7x10.7in 399x271mm15.7x10.7in 399x271mm
Max. workpiece height7.8in 200mm7.8in 200mm7.8in 200mm
Max.workpiece load44lbs 20kg44lbs 20kg33lbs 15kg
Dimension(including machine stand)33.8x37.4x63.3in 859x951x1609mm33.8x37.4x63.3in 859x951x1609mm33.8x37.4x63.3in 859x951x1609mm
Mass(including machine)794lbs 360kg794lbs 360kg794lbs 360kg
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