Radius Gages Series 186

Series 186
  • Radius size is stamped on each gage.
  • Both concave and convex radius gages become a pair.
  • With a locking clamp.

Order NoRangeCompostion of LeavesRemarks
186-1011/32-1/4in15 pairs:1/32in-1/4 by 64ths180º arc
186-10217/64-1/2in16 pairs:17/64in-1/2in by 64ths180º arc
186-1031/32-17/64in16 leaves:1/32in-17/64in by 64ths90º arc
186-1049/32-33/64in16 leaves:9/32in-33/64in by 64ths90º arc
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