Rectangular Gage Block Accessories

Series 516
To expand the variety of rectangular gage
block (steel and CERA)applications, Mitutoyo
offers the gage block accessories set. By
assembling the items in the set, you can easily
and quickly build up a precision measuring

Order No.NameDescription
619002Holder 60mmHolder 15-61mm
619003Holder 100mmHolder 4-106mm
619004Holder 160mmHolder 62-165mm
619005Holder 250mmHolder 153-256mm
619009Holder Base 35mmHolder base 35mm
Measures a height on the surface plate
and scribes a work piece if used used with the holder.
619010Half round jaw 2mmHalf round jaw 2mm
619011Half round jaw 5mmHalf round jaw 5mm
619012Half round jaw 8mmHalf round jaw 8mm
619013Half round jaw 12mmHalf round jaw 12mm
619014Half round jaw 20mmHalf round jaw 20mm
619018Plain jaw 160mmPlain jaw 160mm
619019Scriber pointScriber point
619020Center pointCenter point
619021Tram pointTram point
619022Triangular straightness edge 100mmTriangular straightness edge 100mm
619023Triangular straight edge 160mmTriangular straight edge 160mm
619031Holder AUsed for coupling two long gage blocks
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