Roundtest- RA-1600/1600M Series 211- Roundness Cylindricity Measuring System

Series 211

A new PC-compliant roundness and cylindrical-form measuring instrument
with extensive analysis features to enable measurement of a wide variety of workpieces

Technical Data
Rotational accuracy (radial): (0.02+6H/10000)μm
Rotational accuracy (axial): (0.02+6X/10000)μm
H: Probing height (mm), X: Probing radius (mm)
Rotational speed: 4, 6, 10rpm
Table top diameter: ø5.9”(150mm)
Centering range: ±3mm (with DAT function)
Leveling range: ±1° (with DAT function)
Maximum probing diameter: ø11”(ø280mm)
Maximum workpiece diameter: ø22”(ø560mm)
Maximum table loading: 55lbs(25kg)
Vertical column (Z-axis)
Vertical travel: 11.8”(300mm)
Straightness (in narrow range: 0.20μm / 100mm
Straightness (in entire range): 0.30μm / 300mm
Parallelism with turntable axis: 1.5μm / 300mm
Positioning speed: Max. 15mm/s
Measuring speed: 0.5, 1, 2, 5mm/s
Maximum probing height (ID/OD): 11.8”(300mm)*1
Maximum probing depth: 91mm (over ø32)
3.6”(over ø1.26”)((91mm (over ø32))
1.97”(over ø0.27”)((50mm (over ø7))
Horizontal arm (X-axis)
Horizontal travel: 6.5”(165mm) (From table axis -1~±5.5”
((-25mm – ±140mm))
Positioning speed: Max. 15mm/s
Measuring speed: 0.5, 1, 2, 5mm/s
Probe and stylus
Measuring range: ±400μm / ±40μm / ±4μm
Measuring force: 10–50mN (5 level switching)
Standard stylus: 12AAL021, carbide ball, ø1.6mm
Measuring direction: Bi-directional
Stylus angle adjustment: ±45° (with graduations)
Air supply
Air pressure: 0.39MPa (4kgf/cm2)
Air consumption: 22L/min.
Power supply: 100V AC – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H): 35 x 19.3 x 33”(890 x 490 x 840mm)
Mass: 375lbs(170kg)

Order No.211-724A211-733A
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