Spherical Face Micrometers-Series 115

Series 115
  • Designed to measure the wall thickness of various tubing.
  • With Ratchet Stop for constant force.
  • With a standard bar except 0-25mm and 0-1” model.
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case.

Parts Break Down


Order No.ImageRangeAccuracyRemarksColumn1Mass
115-153115-153.gif0-1in0.00015inD:40 inSpherical anvil flat spindle .0001 in is obtained with vernier180g
115-242-1-2in0.00015inD:44 inSpherical anvil and spherical spindle240g
115-243-2-3in0.00015inD:67 inSpherical anvil and spherical spindle315g
115-253115-253.jpg0-1in0.00015inD:40 inSpherical anvil and spherical spindle .0001 in is obtained with vernier180g
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