Spindle Attachment Tip

Technical Data
Tip length: metric type:10mm ±5μm inch type: .5" ±.0002"
Spindle Dia: *1 .250” / 6.35mm
*Spindle diameter for 101469
(.250" ball) is .315"/ 8mm

To measure odd workpieces, several convenient anvil attachments are prepared by MITUTOYO. Among them the most often used one is the ball attachment.

The ball attachments are hardened steel balls with .200” and .250” diameters which are placed on the .250” and .315” diameter anvils, respectively, by rubber caps. With these attachments, regular micrometers can measure cylindrical wall thickness, .200” or .250” must be subtracted from the readings.

Other attachments shown here are either .500” or 10mm in length. The added amount must be subtracted from the reading.

Parts Break Down


Order NumberTypeImageDIA.
208062*Spline Attachent208062-spindle.jpg.078" DIA.
208098Spline Attachment208098.JPG.078" DIA.
208063*Comparator Attachent208063_spindle.jpg039" tip x 30°
208099Comparator Attachment208099.JPG039" tip x 30°
208064*Blade Attachent208064_spindle.jpg.029" thickness
208100Blade Attachment208100.JPG.029" thickness
208065*Knife-edge Attachent208065_spindle.jpg019" tip x 30°
208101Knife-edge Attachment208101.JPG019" tip x 30°
208066*Disk Attachent208066_spindle.jpg.500" DIA. Ball
208102Disk Attachment208102.JPG.500" DIA. Ball
101468Ball Attachment101468..jpg.200" DIA. Ball
101469Ball Attachment101469.jpg.250" DIA.
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