Stereo Microscope MSM-414L/MSM-414TL - Series 377

Series 377
  • Continuous 1X - 4X magnification
  • Image always in focus throughout zoom range
  • Crisp, erect images with high resolution and excellent stereoscopic effect
  • Stereo-tube can be rotated a full 360°, for viewing at any angle
  • Bilateral zoom control knob adds convenience and increases operator efficiency
  • Diopter adjustment for both eyepieces
  • Binocular Tube Inclination: 45°
  • Focusing Range: 1.46"" (37mm)
  • Interpupillary Adjustable Range: 2.12"" - 2.99"" (54mm - 76mm)
  • Optional zoom ranges from 2.5X - 10X to 30X - 120X The MSM-414L is a traditional binocular stereo microscope for industrial, medical, and classroom applications. It is ideal for electrical small part inspection, assembly, and medical/biological dissection.

Parts Break Down


Model MSM-414LMSM-414TL
Order Number377-972A377-974A
Optical tubeBinocularTrinocular
Total Magnification10x4010x40
Eyepiece10X (377-016)10X (377-016)
Working distance80mm80mm
Field of view20mm-5mm20mm-5mm
Mass13.2lbs(6kg) 13.2lbs(6kg)
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