Stereo Microscope MSM-465L/MSM-464L - Series 377

Series 377
  • Superior quality optics provide high-resolution
  • Crystal sharp, high color contrast image with excellent depth of field
  • Always in sharp focus at all magnifications
  • The Parfocal Optical System allows relaxed strain-free viewing
  • Long working distance
  • Extreme large field of view (23mm diameter)

The MSM-465L, Order No. 377-990A, is a high-accuracy four-step magnifi cation stereo microscope. With a horizontal changer allowing 6X, 12X, 25X, and 50X magnifi cations with a standard 1X objective and 10X eyepieces, the MSM-465L has limitless capabilities for electrical small part inspection. The MSM-464L, Order No. 377-991A, with its vertical fi ve-step magnifi cation changer is ideal for small part assembly. This stereo microscope with standard 6.4X, 10X, 16X, 25X, and 40X magnifi cations, has fl exibility from 3.2X to 160X magnifi cations.

Parts Break Down


Order No377-990A377-991A
Model MSM-465LMSM-464L
Total Magnification6x-50x6.4x-40x
Working distance89mm89mm
Field of view23mm(w/377-456)23mm(w/377-456)
Dimension14.6x 13x11in14.3x 13x11in
Mass15.5lbs 7kg15.5lbs 7kg
StandTransmitted Light Stand(377-428)Transmitted Light Stand(377-428)
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