Surftest SV-2100 Column-type Surface Roughness Tester

Series 178
High precision and high performance column-mounted surface roughness tester with a dedicated control unit,achieving user-friendly display and simple operation. 

  • User-friendly display and simple operation equipped with a highly visible color 7.5-inch TFT LCD.
  • Easy positioning A joy stick built in the dedicated control unit allows easy and quick positioning. Fine positioning of a small stylus, required for measuring the inner side of a small hole, can be easily made using the manual knob.
  • Easy setting of measuring conditions for surface roughness. Equipped with simple input function allows inputs according to drawing instruction symbols of ISO/JIS roughness standards. Troublesome measuring condition settings can be easily input by directly selecting a drawing instruction symbol for surface roughness from the menu.

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Model No.SV-2100M4
Column Stand-Manual
Column- Stand Motorized
Column Stand-Motorized
Column Stand-Motrized
Order No.178-637-01A178-681-01A178-683-01A178-685-01A
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