Thickness Gages Series 547,7-Groove Thickness Measurement(Blade anvil type)

Series 547
Optional Accessories
905338:SPC cable (40"/1m)for digital type
905409:SPC cable(80"/2m)for digital type
902794:Spindle lifting lever for digital and inch dial type(stroke .4/10mm)
Standard Accessories
21AZB149: Spindle lifting lever for digimatic and dial thickness gage (stroke .5"/12.7mm)
21AZB150: Spindle lifting lever for dial indicator (stroke 1"/25.4mm)

Parts Break Down


Order NoImageRangeGraduationAccuracyForceRemarks
7316S7316S.jpg0-.5in .001in.001inless than 1.4NGroove thickness
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