Thickness Gages Series-7 Flat Anvil Type-Dial Type

The Thickness Gages offer a quick and efficient means of inspection with their
convenient grip handle, thumb trigger and spring-loaded spindle. The various models
cover a wide range of applications.
Wide range of applications with various types of measuring faces (on the spindle and anvil).

Parts Break Down


RangeOrder NoGraduationAccuracyForceRemark
0-.5in7300S.001in.001inless than 1.4NStandard, ceramic spindle/anvil
0-1in7304S.001in.002inless than 2.0NStandard, ceramic spindle/anvil
0-1in7322S.001in.002inless than 2.0NDeep throat, ceramic spindle/anvil
0-.05in7326S.0001in.0002inless than 1.4NFine dial reading, ceramic spindle/anvil
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