ULTRA QV Series 363-Ultra -high Accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System

Series QV
  • Minimizes straightness errors through the use of a precision air-bearing linear guide system.
  • Utilizes a 0.01µm resolution glass scale manufactured at an ultra-precision facility located eleven meters underground.
  • Minimizes accuracy fluctuation against thermal change through the use of virtually zero thermal expansion glass scales.
  • Optimizes the mechanical structure of the main unit in Finite Element Method analysis.
  • Stabilizes the geometrical accuracy (i.e. straightness of each axis and perpendicularity) to lessen thermal effects.

*1: Accuracy when measured at the center of the video screen
and in the middle of measuring stroke on a plane using the 5X objective and 1X tube lens
*2: Specified only for factory shipping inspection.
*3: Accuracy assurance environments in the case where no temperature compensation is performed.
Those in the case where temperature compensation is performed are as follows.
  • Accuracy-assured temperature range: 20±2˚C
  • Temperature variation: 0.5˚C/H
  • Temperature gradient: 1˚C/m

*4: Thermal expansion coefficient: (0±0.02)X10-6/K
*5: Accuracy 1.3+3L/1000 for 20 ± 2°C, Accuracy 1.3+3.50L/1000 from 18 to 23°C
*6: An air source is required to maintain the original air pressure between 0.5 and 0.9MPa.
*7: Indicates the flow rate under normal conditions.

Tracking Auto Focus (TAF)

The TAF feature focuses continuously, adjusting to changes in the height of the object being measured. Automatic tracking of surface waves and warpage (in the Z axis height direction) improves measurement throughput. The feature also cuts out the hassle of focusing during manual measurement, reducing the work burden for measuring system operators.
Note: Continuous measurement of displacement is not performed.

Model No.Quick Vision Ultra 404 PRO

Quick Vision Ultra 404 PRO (ISO10360-7:2011)

Quick Vision Ultra 404 PRO (w/TAF)

Quick Vision Ultra 404 PRO (w/TAF) (ISO10360-7:2011)
RangeX AXIS-16in-400mm
Y-AXIS-16 in-400mm
Magnification change systemProgrammable power turret
(selectable from among magnifications of 1X, 2X, and 6X)
Resolution/Scale unit0.01µm/Linear Encoder*4
Resolution of -scale when using TAF0.25µm
High-sensitivity CCS cameraBlack & White
(PRL:Programmable Ring Light)
Surface Halogen
Contour Halogen
PRL Halogen
Accuracy*1 (20°C±2°C)E1XY-(0.25+L/1000)µm
E1Z-(50mm stroke)*2-(1.0+2L/1000)µm
E1Z-(Full stroke)-(1.5+2L/1000)µm
EU,MPE(ISO10360-7:2011)-1.3+3L/1000, 1.3+3.5L/1000*5

Accuracy assurance environments*3Temperature range: 20±0.2°C
Temperature variation 0.5°C/1H
Temperature gradient 1°C/m
RepeatabilityRepeatability within the visual field: 3s=0.2µm
Repeatability of auto-focus s=0.4µm
Stage glass size19.4 x21.7
Max workpiece load2025kg 4464lbs
Dimensions (WxDxH)46inx68inx75.2in
Mass2025kg 4464lbs
Used air pressure0.4MPa*5
Supplied air flow rate150L/min*6
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