Universal Bevel Protractor Series 187

Series 187
  • High-precision angle gage for accurate angle measurement of machines, molds,and jigs.
  • Can be attached to height gages.

Technical Data
Graduation:5min.(0º- 90º- 0º)
Accuracy Vernier:±5'
Straightness [.00016"+(.00005xL/2)]"
Parallelism [.00016"+(.00005xL/2)]"
L = Length in inch
Diameter: 2.56" / 70mm

Universal Bevel Protractor Accessories and Parts
187-103:12” Blade.
187-104:6” Blade.
187-105:Acute angle attachment
950749:Clamp box for Inch Height Gages
950750:Clamp box for Metric Height Gages

Parts Break Down


Order NumberDial Graduation Vernier GraduationRemarks
187-9045 minwith 6" blade (187-104) and Clamp box for Inch Height Gages (950749)
187-9065 minwith 12" blade (187-103) and Clamp box for Inch Height Gages (950749)
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