Universal Height Master Series 515 Usable in Vertical and Horizontal Orientations

Series 515
  • The Universal Height Master is designed for both vertical and horizontal orientations,
    providing a wide range of applications such as accuracy checking of
    machine tool table movements.
  • Fitted wooden case supplied.

Technical Data
Graduation: 0.001mm or .00001"
Counter Resolution: .001” or 0.01mm
Character Height: .16” / 4mm
Block arrangement: Straight arrangement
Micrometer Head
Travel stroke: 1" or 20mm
Pitch: .025"/rev or 0.5mm/rev
Hysteresis: .00004” / 1.2μm up to 24.2” / 610mm
.00006” / 1.5μm for 40.2” / 1010mm Block pitch accuracy: ±1.5μm (0 < R ≤310mm)
±2.5μm (310 < R ≤610mm)
±3.5μm (610 < R ≤1010mm)
Parallelism of blocks: 1.0μm (0 < R ≤310mm)
2.5μm (310 < R ≤1010mm)
Provided with inspection certificate.
Optional Accessories
900574: Supporting base for vertical operation
Mass: 3kg
(*supplied as a standard for 515-523 and 515-513)
515-112: Auxiliary block kit for bore gage (mm)
515-119: Auxiliary block kit for bore gage (inch)

Order No515-510515-512515-513
Block Step.5(straight)in.5(straight)in.5(straight)in
Block Pitch Accuracy.0001in.00005in.00015in
Parallelism of Block.00006in.00006in.00008in
Micrometer Head Accuracy .00004in.00004in.00006in
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