Vernier Caliper Series 531-with Thumb Clamp

Series 531
  • The slider moves only when the spring loaded thumb clamp is depressed.
  • Can measure OD, ID, depth, and steps
  • Supplied with vinyl holster in fitted carton.

Parts Break Down


Order No.ImageRangeAccuracyLower Scale/Upper ScaleRemarks
531-122531-122.jpg0-150mm0.05mm0.05mm in-
531-128531-128.jpg0-150mm0.03mm0.02mm .001inHigh accuracy model
531-108531-108.jpg0-200mm0.05mm0.05mm 1/128in-
531-129531-129.jpg0-200mm0.03mm0.02mm .001inHigh accuracy model
531-109531-109.jpg0-300mm0.08mm0.05mm in-
531-112531-112.jpg0-300mm0.04mm0.02mm inHigh accuracy model
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