Vernier Depth Gage - Series 527

Series 527
  • Made of hardened stainless steel.
  • Base and measuring faces are hardened and micro-lapped.
  • Optional wider extension base are available.(up to 450mm range models

Technical Data
Graduation:0.05mm,0.02mm or .001in

Parts Break Down


Order No.ImageRangeVernier ReadingAccuracyMassRemarks
527-111-0-6in.001 in.001280gwith fine adjustment
527-112527-112.jpg0-8in.001 in.001300gwith fine adjustment
527-113-0-12in.001 in.0015350gwith fine adjustment
527-114527-114.jpg0-24in.001 in.0021511gwith fine adjustment
527-115527-115.jpg0-40in.001 in.0031880gwith fine adjustment
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