Vernier Depth Gage Series 527-Hook End Type

Series 527
  • The end of the main scale is hook-
    shaped to allow depth and thickness
    measurements of a projected portion or
    lip in a hole, in addition to standard depth measurement
  • With fine adjustment models are available.
  • Optional wider extension base are available.

Technical Data
Graduation: 0.05mm or 0.02mm
Base size: 100x6.5mm (WxT)

Parts Break Down


Order No.ImageRangeVernier ReadingAccuracyMassRemarks
527-401527-401.jpg0-150mm0.05 mm0.05mm240g-
527-402527-402.jpg0-200mm0.05 mm0.05mm240g-
527-403-0-300mm0.05 mm0.08mm270g-
527-411-0-150mm0.02 mm0.03mm280gwith fine adjustment
527-412527-412.jpg0-200mm0.02 mm0.03mm300gwith fine adjustment
527-413-0-300mm0.02 mm0.04mm350gwith fine adjustment
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