i-Checker Series 170

Series 170
The i-Checker is specially designed to calibrate measuring accuracy of dial indicators, dial test indicators, and other electronic comparison gage heads with a stroke of up to 100mm (4").
  • ±(0.2+L/100)µm indication accuracy.
  • Directly inspects an indicator with a stroke of up to 100mm (4"). The dial test indicator, bore gage and lever-type inductive head can be inspected with optional accessories.
  • Adjustment of the measurement position is very easily accomplished because of semi-automatic measurement and full automatic measurement functions.
  • Creates and prints out the simple inspection certificate.
  • Saves inspection result as CSV file for reusable inspection result by any kind of software.

Technical Data

Measuring Range: 100mm/4"
Resolution: 0.02µm/0.8µin
Accuracy: ±(0.2+L/100)µm in vertical position
(at 20°C) ±(0.3+2L/100)µm in lateral position
L = measuring length (mm) Drive method: Electric motor
Measuring Unit: Reflective-type glass linear encoder Thermal expansion coefficient: (8±1)X10-6/K
Measurement method: Semi-automatic / Fully automatic*
Dimensions: 184 x 225 x 532mm (W x D x H)
Operating temperature range: 20°C±3°C
Power supply: 100VAC to 240VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz
Mass: 20kg/44.1lbs
* Automatic measurement requires the indicator's connection cable. Additionally, some form of indicator, along with a connecting machine (the optional accessory for indicator as a Digimatic power-supply unit on EF counter), will be needed.

Optional Accessories

02ASK000: Test indicator attachment set (ø6mm stem)
02ASK180: Test indicator attachment set (ø8mm stem)
02ASK370: Test indicator holder (ø6mm stem)
02ASK380: Test indicator holder (ø8mm stem)
02ASK110: Accessory set for short-leg and digimatic bore gages
02ASL310: Accessory for bore gages
902803: ø6mm dovetail grooved stem
902804: ø8mm dovetail grooved stem
02ASK040: Stem bush ø6mm
02ASJ856: Stem bush ø8mm
02ASK150: Stem bush ø8mm, short
02ASL150: Stem bush ø10, short
02ASK050: Bush ø9.5 (Requires 02ASK070)
02ASK060: Stem bush ø12mm
02ASK070: Stem bush ø15mm
02ASK080: Stem bush ø20mm
02ASK710: Stem bush ø28mm
02ASK090: Stem bush 3/8”
02ASK130: Stem bush case
02ASK730: Reflector
937179T: Foot switch

Order Number64PKA148
Measuring Range 0-4in 0-100mm
Resolution 1.24uin/0.02um
Accuracy Vertical (0.2+L/100)um Lateral (0.3+2L/100)umum
Feed Speed (max)4mm/sec
Drive MethodMotor Drive
Measuring UnitReflective-type metal linear encoder
Power Supply100 VAC to 240 VAC 10%,50/60hz
Dimensions7.24x8.86x20.94in 184x225x532mm
Measurement MethodSemiautomatic measurment
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